LCW New Year’s Musings

We're on a path and I've made some goals.

Kamil Lehmann

So it’s 2015. In a few months I turn 35. It doesn’t excite me, but thanks to this new adventure it doesn’t necessarily fill me with dread either. At least I’ve started down this path. It’d be nice to wish I was further along, but wishing can be dangerous. Wishing for things to be different doesn’t make it so. Wishing to make peace with things the way they are also doesn’t save you. Changing is hard.

Most people try making small changes each January and give up each February. So a bigger change must be impossible, they reason.

Except it’s not quite that way. If you jump off a proverbial cliff like I have, you have a higher incentive to build a parachute on the way down.


There really isn’t any going back. I don’t know that the 9–5 world would take me back. I’m probably a bit of flight risk. Might be too uppity. Or downright dodgy. Of course, I don’t see it that way, but I could understand that being a knee-jerk impression.

So if there isn’t any going back, forward it is. Or is it sitting still?

There’s a lot of sitting lately. I don’t do well with standing desks so constant writing and reading tends to involve sitting.

Despite the feeling I have of sitting, of waiting, I think there is motion forward.

  • Books are read.
  • Skills are acquired.
  • Posts are written.
  • Invoices are paid.
  • New pitches are penned and sent.
  • Opportunities are not as likely to be overlooked.
  • Ideas for diversified income find homes on post-its.

Things have a way of happening all at once or not at all sometimes. I think this is what the last few months have taught me about the nature of creating something new.

* * *


So perhaps this is the point where I’m supposed to make some resolutions. I’ll make a couple public goals instead.

Obviously I want to improve the health of my business, I want to improve my hustle. I want to write between a quarter-million and a million words. I want to start doing more freelance website content jobs. I want to get more blogging clients. I want to explore passive income. I want to be able to push through all the unseen planning that makes these things possible.

I want to connect with and interview at least five of my Interweb mentors. This partially goes along with number three, but also extends to just learning from others and building relationships through common interests. Who doesn’t heart the Interwebs?

And I think I have a pretty solid idea for an ebook. No, it won’t be the 50 Super Easy Tricks to Do Whatever type of ebook you never knew you didn’t want. It’ll be one of those observational generational cultural explorations. It’s that feeling I get when I see people in power suits (with Twitter handles that are too long because they’re using their full name) telling young people that this horrible word habit will lead to career demise. Meanwhile, in Reality, I watch as confident young people are happy and successful despite said power suits’ cries for corporate fealty and conformity. That’s all I’ll say for now so as not to spoil the surprise.


And here we are. We’re on the path. I’ve jumped off the cliff, knitting a parachute. Wishing doesn’t get us anywhere good. Things feel like they’re standing still, but they’re slowly moving forward. And I’ve got some goals. I’ll call this post a wrap for now I guess.

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