Writing Services

This is the page to read if you need writing work done.

You’re here because you have a problem that you need a writer to fix. If you’ve gotten this far on the site, there’s a good chance we’re a match and I’ll be able to solve your problem.


Next, comes the part of this page where I tell you that I know writing is only one-third of the job.

You need a reliable professional — someone who can help assess your problem, communicate effectively, follow directions, take critiques, incorporate any revisions, and deliver publish-ready copy on a deadline. I practice all these skills on the daily. I won’t let you down there.

You also need a writer that can manage the business angle of things — who sends out timely invoices, without surprises or mistakes, operates in a professional manner, and respects you and your business. I’m sometimes an irreverent soul, but I take this seriously as well. I think it’s important we treat each other like the best humans we possibly can.


You may be interested in what kind of writer I am and what kind of background or portfolio I can show as a writerly proof-of-concept, if you will.

In short, I’m a versatile writer. Not many people can lay claim to having penned academic papers that make them a top-three world scholar on a super obscure topic AND have a half-dozen posts grace the front page of BuzzFeed. But I’m that dude.

I also have considerable experience with arts journalism, and in the music, nonprofit, library, and social media fields.


Do I care about what I do?

Yes, I love what I do. I love content writing. I’m privileged to learn and explore new topics every day and connect with interesting people across the globe. I think there’s a great deal of knowledge, support, and experience to be shared among the online web of freelancers, hence the dominant blog aspect of this site.

Portfolio Samples

My strengths are places where I can bring personal experience to bear, topics such as:

But I’ve written about topics as diverse as:

Quality of Work

What can you expect from my work, you may wonder? Each project comes with:

  • Custom-Made Original Content
  • A Style and Tone of Your Choosing
  • Publish-Ready Copy
  • Image Sourcing or Screenshots as Needed
  • Delivery Dates Respected
  • Friendly & Responsive Email Interactions
  • Professional Digital Invoices & Convenient Online Payment Options
  • Complete Confidentiality for Any NDA/Ghostwritten Work

Revisions are complimentary, but clients rarely ask for them. My average is 60 perfect-the-first-time pieces for every one revision request.

Get In Touch

As you can see from this conversion page, I love to come at things from a creative angle. Please get in touch if you need writing work. I love being able to help people make their business’s words work better for them.